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Update: KitPvP back online!
Update on KitPvP: Plugins have been transferred to the new server. Now transferring the world (MAP), 15000 files to go.
For some reason the CONSOLE is auto-banning who ever joins. I'm moving the KitPvP server to our Dedicated Server atm. The server will be up in (aprox) 1 hour. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
In my opinion we should have a regular server
The name changing for 1.8 doe. :/
Excited for 1.8!
Vote for which server we should bring to the InfiniteMC Network! Vote here [link] OR vote above this (more global to everyone) :)
Vote For The New Server In The INFINITE MC NETWORK! ==> [link]
Cookie took Bob's lever away.
Wow, Gunnerz Donated 300$ Today o.o
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