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Update #1: Server has been whitelisted. InfinityRaids to MineFantasy transition has begun!

Hello everybody,

The time has come for me to create this thread.

InfinityRaids is literally going no where, there is no point of keeping the name "InfinityRaids". Me and @Atokad highly feel that the server just can't grow anymore. Those glory days of InfinityRaids are over. It's time to move on. We were thinking of completely shutting down InfinityRaids and moving on to a new project, MineFantasy, which I've brought up to Dakota a few months ago. But, we've decided to completely revamp the entire server, and turn it into MineFantasy, with many more gamemodes - OP Factions, KitPvP, Skyblock, Survival, Creative, etc.

You will NOT lose your ranks as we are only revamping and re-branding the entire server. OP Factions will NOT reset! OP Factions will be upgrading to 1.8 with 1.9 compatibility.

MineFantasy will be a full 1.8 server, with 1.9 compatibility. Which...
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Hey everyone!

We've just released a brand new rank called Titan!

Titan Perks:


  • BOLD [Titan] prefix in-game
  • Unique light green chat color
  • Ability to mine bedrock
  • Ability to mine spawners w/ diamond silktouch 1 pickaxe
  • Access to 25 different trails in the trails menu
  • Set up to 60 homes
  • TEN Private Vaults (Unraidable)
  • Ability to stack ANYTHING up to 64
  • Ability to set your own colored nickname
  • Access to a portable enderchest
  • Reserved slots
  • Ability to feed your self with a command
  • Ability to wear any block as a hat
  • Ability to change your own day time (day or night)
  • Ability to go back to your previously location - EXCLUDING your last death point
  • Ability to open a portable crafting table


  • Heart Trail
  • Angry Trail
  • Magic Trail
  • Colored Trail
  • Cloud Trail
  • Witch Magic Trail
  • Ender Trail
  • Green Trail
  • Spark Trail
  • Flame Trail
  • White Magic...
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UPDATE: Host transfer complete!

Hey guys!

Very quick update. We are moving hosts currently, expect slight downtime. You should not expect anymore disconnects or drops from now on :).

I'll update this post once the transfer has been complete.

Thank you,
- CookieCrafterMC
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Hello everyone!

Before I go into anything, crates are back up and running! You may vote for keys in-game by doing /vote OR you can purchase keys from (50% OFF SALE)!

Good news, I contacted a developer today to make us a quick plugin, and he'll be revamping our utilities plugin that supports reports, anti-swear, and most importantly, mining bedrock!

He should be finishing the plugin by tomorrow, so you donators, be ready to mine bedrock again :).

If you'd like the ability to mine bedrock, purchase a rank from (50% OFF SALE).

That's it for now!

Thank you,
- CookieCrafterMC
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I'll be hosting a drop party today at 5 PM EST! Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there :)

For the crates, I know they've been down for a bit, but they will be going back up by today.

Anyways, I hope you guys come online for the drop party.

- CookieCrafterMC